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Our Lady of Lourdes

Catholic Nursery and Primary School

Live, Love, Learn.

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‘I like everything at Our Lady of Lourdes!’
Year 3 Pupil
‘We were extremely impressed with the school, the facilities and all of the staff.’
‘My son had a great time at the Christmas party today; he misses his teachers and friends so much that he wants to come into school tomorrow and it’s the holidays!’
Year 2 Pupil
'As always you go above and beyond.'
‘I love all my friends and the teachers at OLOL.’
Year 1 Pupil
‘We are all part of God’s family and need to be kind to each other.’
Year 2 Pupil

Visions and Values


Our Vision, Aims and Who We Are


Our Mission Statement 

‘Live, Love, Learn’

Our mission statement is the driver for all that we do. We are a safe, friendly and faith-centred community where we seek to realise the full potential of all our family through the living love of Christ. Our work with children and their families, staff, governors, parishioners and the wider community is influenced by our core values of: Resilience, Tolerance, Love and Compassion. We promote and celebrate these values through our words and deeds.

As we aspire to an ever-stronger relationship with Christ, we walk hand in hand with Him, striving for excellence in all we do. In doing this, our vision is to deliver outstanding Catholic education for children which is rich in content and has high challenge with low risk. Our vision is to also create a secure and welcoming environment based on Gospel Values where everybody feels valued and is treated with dignity and respect. This vision is built on the firm belief that God continually guides us and gives us what we need. 


• put Christ and our children at the heart of all we do
• create a community that treats others the way we want to be treated
• provide a warm welcome to all
• build a happy, safe school filled with love and pride where children are excited to arrive and learn each day 
• create and develop a curriculum which encourages children to say, “I can” rather than, “I can’t”
• foster a lifelong love of learning to give children the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential 
• give every child the opportunity to become a thinker, leader, organiser, communicator, explorer, creator, inventor, performer and artist 
• build a worshipping community that nurtures and supports everyone in their journey of faith.


Who We Are:

Our school always shows resilience

Love with a big heart
Our school is a compassionate family

Learn with an open mind


We believe in, and actively promote, the British Values of:
• Democracy 
• Rule of Law
• Individual Liberty
• Mutual Respect for and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith.


Who We are


The children at Our Lady of Lourdes were asked to review our school's Code of Conduct and here is what they came up with. This is what they want us to stand for and what is important to them. We are very proud of their work.


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