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‘I like everything at Our Lady of Lourdes!’
Year 3 Pupil
‘We were extremely impressed with the school, the facilities and all of the staff.’
‘My son had a great time at the Christmas party today; he misses his teachers and friends so much that he wants to come into school tomorrow and it’s the holidays!’
Year 2 Pupil
'As always you go above and beyond.'
‘I love all my friends and the teachers at OLOL.’
Year 1 Pupil
‘We are all part of God’s family and need to be kind to each other.’
Year 2 Pupil



At Our Lady of Lourdes, we are mathematicians. We believe that all children should be encouraged to believe that, by working hard at maths, they can succeed. In short, they can master maths. Teachers ensure that children develop an understanding of the maths that’s been taught, to enable them to move on to more advanced material. Our aim is that they can acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. 


Curriculum Intent:


The intention of our approach is to support children to develop mathematical fluency so that they are quick and efficient when recalling facts and procedures and have the flexibility to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics.

This mastery of maths is a journey to a long-term goal, achieved through exploration, carefully crafted lessons and resources. Through high quality teaching, we aim to foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge where critical thinking, intelligent practice and regular consolidation play a central role. Children are encouraged to collaborate and share their learning, they are given opportunities to communicate their understanding clearly and in a variety of ways.

We want our children to know that maths is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology, engineering and necessary for financial literacy.  As they progress through the school, we intend children to have the ability to reason mathematically, have an appreciation of the power of maths and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.



Curriculum Implementation:


The Maths curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Programmes of study and has been carefully designed to ensure progression and repetition in terms of embedding key learning, knowledge and skills. 

We use resources and planning provided by the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Maths, Third Space Learning and White Rose Maths and this helps class teachers deliver a rich curriculum which covers all key aspects of mathematics. 

This mastery approach to the teaching of maths means embedding fluency of skills and deepening of understanding through a scaffolded small steps approach. Children are encouraged to see patterns and make connections in their mathematical thinking. 

Maths is taught discretely but staff also make meaningful links across subjects and link prior knowledge to new knowledge to deepen children’s learning.  We believe that by crafting our curriculum this way, we improve the potential for our children to retain what they have been taught, to alter their long-term memory and thus improve the rates of progress they make.


Curriculum Impact:


Teachers use formative assessment in lessons and this informs their short term planning and helps them provide the best possible support for children.

Summative assessments are made at the end of each term.

Monitoring in maths includes: planning and book scrutinies, learning walks, pupil interviews and book talks.  Information gathered is used to gain an accurate understanding of the quality of education in maths.

To see how the maths curriculum is broken down into key areas, and to see the National Curriculum objectives covered in each year group, please see the key document section below.

Four Operations Methods


Below is our Written Calculations Policy and the year group four operations methods demonstrated by our staff. These are the methods that your child's class teacher will be teaching throughout the year.

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