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Important Letter for Year 5 and 6 Parents

Friday 30th April 2021




Dear Parents/Carers, 
Sadly we are having to write to parents/carers of children in Y5 and Y6 as there is an increasing rise in the number of instances of children either participating in or being at the receiving end of unkind comments, arguments on social media or inappropriate insults. 

All of this is happening out of school hours, on children’s phones/devices and because it 
causes children to be upset and unhappy, we are dealing with these cases as part of our duty of care towards our children. It takes a great deal of staff time, which we never mind spending to help children, but please can I urge you as parents, to support us and your children also. 
It is often said that comments made on social media or texts would never normally be said aloud if the person was physically present and we try to educate the children on the 
consequences of actions and their digital footprints etc. To that end we are arranging some digital literacy lessons which Mrs Hodge, our Assistant Head is leading on. One of our other Assistant Heads, Mr Gallagher is going to get in touch with the Police Community Support Officer also. They have provided some useful and educational support for the children in previous years. 

Please can I urge you to check your children’s phones and monitor the sites they visit 
regularly. Also be very mindful of the age appropriateness of certain apps. WhatsApp, for example, is deemed to be an app suited for 16 years and over, yet many children have it. 
Nearly all other social media services require users to be at least 13 years of age to access and use their services. This includes Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype.

Here are a couple of recommended websites you might want to refer to. 



Kind regards
Mrs Hodge 
(Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs McDermott

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